The only limits are, as always, those of vision.
– James Broughton
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Our Company

Group International was founded in October 2008 by Rick and Raj Kanda. The core business of supplying wholesale and retail bullion to the jewellery trade and private individuals started as an extension to Raj Kanda’s 17 years of experience in the Jewellery and Precious Metals sectors.

Between 2009 and 2011 Group International delivered a 400% increase in turnover and a 242% increase in profits.

Results for our last Financial Year saw the combined value of our Scrap Gold purchases and Bullion sales reach beyond our forecasts, despite the challenging economic climate.

Our purchasing power

Our purchasing power has grown rapidly and in 3 years we have increased our purchasing activity in the Precious Metals sector fourfold. It is important to note that this spectacular increase has been achieved through our Online Operations as we do not operate a network of premises in the UK.

Our Future

Our future plans begin with expansion into other related sectors, specifically the retail/e-commerce market.

Our medium to long term goal is development into a diverse and successful Public Limited Company.