Physical Bullion Dealing

Group International offers the most competitive rates for physical Bullion to private investors in the UK. Clients have 24/7 access to real time quotes for physical Bullion with the option of next day delivery or secure insured storage. The service extends to Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Palladium Bullion Bars and Coins.

Scrap Gold Buying

Our Scrap Gold Buying operation is based upon 17 years of experience in the Precious Metals and Jewellery markets. We have a UK-based dedicated Customer Service Team to ensure that all enquiries are promptly dealt with and high levels of satisfaction achieved. The Testing is handled by highly experienced Testers using traditional methods such as acid testing and more advanced computer technologies. Importantly for our customers, to ensure transparency and accuracy, all traditional Testing is verified though XRF Spectroscope machine, eliminating any possible human error.

IT Infrastructure

Group International is highly progressive and recognizes the value and importance of advanced web technologies. We were the first company to implement real time pricing in the Scrap Gold industry and we are constantly working to ensure progression and market leadership. Our IT infrastructure consists of a number of in-house IT specialists covering various aspects of our online presence such as Web Development, Web Design, Mobile Solutions, Server Support and Online Marketing.

Legal Support

Group International Ltd is fully compliant with all applicable laws. We are regulated by HM Revenue and Customs for our Bullion activities and our Scrap Gold Buying business practices have been positively assessed by Trading Standards. We have dedicated paralegal advice and a long-standing relationship with a national firm of solicitors.